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Michael Becker, CFA® | Associate Wealth Advisor | Investment Analyst

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What does wealth mean to you?

Growing up, Michael Becker planned to be a hockey player because…he was a hockey player. He played competitively all through school, right up until college—at which point he hung up his skates, picked up a 9-iron, and traded hockey for golf.

Hockey gave Michael great, tight-knit friends and helped him in a roundabout way succeed at school; Michael’s athletic participation always was contingent on getting good grades. Michael wasn’t necessarily academically motivated—but being a smart kid, he buckled down, got those A’s, and ended up at business school at Mizzou. While there, he contemplated two financial services paths—the more structured route of accounting and economics, or the more philosophical path of management or marketing. Then he found the perfect blend in finance, pairing hard and soft skills, math and complicated topics—he’s very happy with the decision he made.

Michael worked for several firms upon graduation and not to sound too “Goldilocks” one was too small, one too large and though he was successful at both, he was looking for a better fit. He found it in Hightower Wealth Advisors, with the St. Louis team. The team, this “ensemble practice”, has offered him connections and mentorship through Omar (a fellow non-academic smart person!) and through Kathy’s DIY advice…Michael’s the proof that this team really does feel like a family. He’s in the process of re-doing his bathroom under Kathy’s guidance WHILE also finishing his CFA—an accomplishment he never thought he would tackle and he’s now on the other side of the rigorous program. 

Michael’s bucket list includes playing in a professional golf tournament; he’s got time on his hands now that he’s completed the CFA to work on his game, but also knows the window may be closing before starting a family! For now, he’s fulfilled and happy to be part of the team.

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