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Jenny Hudspeth | Client Experience Assistant

Jenny Hudspeth Headshot

What does wealth mean to you?
The ability to live the life you want. To be able to access your passion without limitations. Wealth in love is important to me too. To be surrounded by my loved ones constantly and never taking that for granted.

Jenny Hudspeth loves taking pictures.

She loves it. She loves hiking, and snapping photos on the way. She loves being a part of weddings and capturing the emotions; she loves picking spots on the horizon and taking beautiful landscape photos.

She loves photography so very much she knew she could not make it her career. She saw too many burnt-out photographers and wanted to always love the art of capturing what she saw in her eye, on film.

So she kept her cameras close, but looked out for other opportunities.

Sometimes opportunities come from connections, from resume-sending or from answering a help wanted. They don’t come unless you’re out there, and Jenny jumped out there to start waiting tables as she figured out her next steps. So Jenny can report that sometimes opportunities come when Barbara Archer is seated at your table and you give her the great service with smiles and easy chatter that comes naturally to you.

Hightower Wealth Advisors | St. Louis was looking for someone to be the first step of the client experience, and Jenny’s warm smile was a great fit. She’s able to talk with people, help people, still practice her photography…and has the opportunity, as she’s part of a firm with the mission to “Make a Plan, Make an Investment, Make a Difference” to think what her plan should be.

Jenny’s retirement goal is to be financially secure enough to travel with her family — to take her children, her grandchildren to places she’s seen or wants to see, so she can enjoy the perspective of someone she loves visiting a place for the first time. Her favorite spot she’s visited is Greece; she hopes to have a long list of places she’s seen when she looks back at all of the pictures of her life.

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