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Jennifer Belmont Jennings, JD, CFP®️| Wealth Advisor

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What does wealth mean to you?
I don’t confine wealth to material prosperity. I think of it in terms of abundance, which can also be applicable to a variety of topics such as knowledge, passion, and emotional and physical well-being.

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Growing up, Jennifer had a lot of things she wanted to be—a news analyst. An actress. A lawyer. As she weighed options, her love of arguing was just one factor that drove her to law school. After graduation, she practiced law for several years, but found herself getting burned out with heavy litigation schedules.

She set about to find a different spot where she could still use her skills—looking at compliance jobs, because she loves rules; looking at clerkship jobs—but this job hunt unfortunately coincided with the financial/tech crisis when the legal job market was tight. She found herself competing with people with over twenty years of experience and took a minute to reassess.

A friend’s father was a financial advisor and talked to Jennifer a bit about his job. “I don’t want to sell stuff,” was Jennifer’s first reaction; “you won’t have to” was his reply. A discussion about financial planning gave Jennifer a comfort level to join his team and secure her licenses and begin working with clients. While Jennifer very much enjoyed the work, she felt like she needed to search for new growth opportunities.

Barbara, who was looking for someone to join the firm, heard about Jennifer from multiple people, gave her a call, and at the end of the interview Jennifer had an informal offer, with a formal offer turned around shortly after, and has never looked back. At Hightower Wealth Advisors she has found a spot and a team that she believes in, and she works actively to reinforce the positive culture so it stays a place no one would ever want to leave (either client or team member). She loves the opportunity to use the skills gained through her estate planning and family law practice to help clients and speed up processes that might otherwise drag.

Jennifer’s an avid golfer and an avid traveler; she was fortunate to have grandparents and parents who took her to amazing places, and the memories she holds of those trips were key to her decision to bring her son traveling with the family from a young age. Family experiences and memories with her husband, Brent, and son, Liam, are what she wants to invest in. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Fathers and Family Support Center and is active in several lawyer mom social groups.  She believes strongly in supporting her community, friends, and colleagues.

Asked what she’d want people to remember about her years from now, Jennifer’s answer will surprise no one who knows her: “She was always authentic, but we always felt encouraged. She helped us build confidence.”

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